Abonyi Everistus Obinna


From University of Nigeria Nsukka

The educational system in Nigeria is rapidly deteriorating due to incessant industrial action by academics. This is because of the continuous friction between the government and the academic staff union, which borders on the funding of universities and infrastructural development. This has directly affected the performance of the students who are mostly best described as half-baked.

One is therefore left to wonder: what is the essence of university education if not to generate ideas that can be used to solve man’s immediate and long-term needs? If providing service to human beings creates wealth, then there is a fundamental error in our educational system because our universities should be wealthy enough to cater for their needs and even lend to the government, instead of going cap in hand and begging the government to release funds for them.

Nigeria is highly blessed with intellectuals in academics and students who are sound both academically and technically. No wonder the academia and students break records in innovation when they leave the shores of this country. Can the Nigerian situation be likened to that of a goat who is dying of hunger in a yam barn?

My journey to Innov8 Hub has been so transformative that, going through the R4i initiative, you can never remain your old self. Going through the courses from the seasoned facilitators will not only leave you angry about your old self but also spur you to turn a new leaf, which will make you leave a mark in the hearts of the people around you. The sessions made me shed tears because of how beautiful ideas from the academia are just lying wasted on the shelves, accumulating dust over a period before they are finally burnt into ashes for lack of space. If one-quarter of these ideas are commercialized, our institutions would be a paradise on earth where foreign students would be paying heavily to attend.

Another mind-blowing experience at Innov8 Hub is the crop of intellectuals performing wonders in the fields of information technology, craft, agro-allied industry, medicine, automobiles, etc. The common denominator among all these intellectuals is that they are mostly youths and seeing them transform ideas into reality through the production of prototypes leaves you short of words.

All these pleasant experiences were only possible because of the serene environment provided by Innov8 Hub and TETFund, together with their well-seasoned staff.Thanks to Innov8 Hub, TETFund, and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka for giving me the opportunity to partake in this life-changing program.

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