About Innov8 Hub


Innov8 Hub is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, with a mandate to groom INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, RESEARCHERS, CREATIVES, ENTREPRENEURS and VENTURE CREATORS; as well as inculcate the CULTURE of INNOVATION, CREATIVITY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP in Nigerians. We strategically aid and collaborate with organizations and individuals seeking to transform their ideas into inventions, inventions into solutions, solutions into enterprise.

Innov8 is a focal point for Innovation Start-up Incubation, Technology Transfer, Knowledge & Skill Impartation, Prototype Development and Fabrication.

Through different programs and initiatives, we bring together brilliant minds and gifted hands from across board, to whom we provide access to mentoring, expertise, enabling environment, and cutting-edge facilities needed to make their dreams come alive


Innov8 Hub is a dynamic environment that drives the creation of innovative solutions to address Africa's challenges, fostering constructive collaborations among entrepreneurs, companies, academics, organizations and government. Our goal is to implement these solutions within the Nigerian community and industry to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development in Nigeria.

With over 13 departments and a staff strength of 80+ employees, we achieve this goal by supporting Nigerian start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators and venture creators, through the processes of:


Acceleration and incubation programs for Pre-seed (product development), seed stage (product traction) turning their ideas into sustainable businesses and/or VC backable start-ups.


Capacity-building Programmes (Entrepreneurship, innovation and product development)


Offering enabling environment where products can be locally developed and produced. We offer the unique opportunity for individuals/venture creators, to have access to technical resources, expertise and funding, to successfully develop their prototypes and minimum viable products.

Unique Nature Of Our Traditional Programs


Owing to the uniqueness/challenges of the Nigerian community, our traditional programmes are tailored to expose participants of our respective programmes to:

1. Venture Creation Journey (in collaboration with Zell Entrepreneurship Program and Nigerian/ international Experts):
▪ Venture Creation training
▪ Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship Support
▪ Business Pitch Training
▪ Marketing and communication support
▪ IP Registration

2. Prototype/Product Development Journey
3. Incubation: MVP development towards investment readiness and market entry

Snapshot Of Key Impact (Within 3 Years Of Our Existence)

Involved in the emergence of 15 promising start-ups.

Aided innovative Nigerians to develop and perfect over 60 Prototypes, ready to become Minimum Viable Products and for commercialization.

Supported over 250 innovators, entrepreneurs and venture creators with hands-on
technical guidance and mentorship.

Trained over 300 academics and researchers on the processes and procedures of
translating research into innovation, products, solutions, and ventures.

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