Digital Communications & Marketing Strategies

This course is designed to train participants on fundamental marketing concepts and digital media principles. It introduces them to the process of developing and managing effective digital marketing strategies. Specific topics include; digital communications campaigns, managing corporate and brand image using digital methods, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing as well as digital Strategy and analytics tools

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Cohort 1 starts April ’22

What you will learn
  • In this specialization, students acquire knowledge and techniques necessary to improve the quality of their digital marketing communications from identifying the audience needs through problem identification through media planning and strategy to the creation of the most effective marketing communication messages in the form of promotion campaign, digital and social advertising. 
About this specialization

This course is designed to train participants on fundamental marketing concepts and digital media principles. It introduces them to the process of developing and managing effective digital marketing strategies. Specific topics include; digital communications campaigns, managing corporate and brand image using digital methods, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing as well as digital strategy and analytics tools. 

  • Tertiary level students
  • Staff of organizations and NGOs
  • Communication professionals, trainees, enthusiasts 
  • Heads of organizations. 
Enrollment Process

To begin, enroll in the Specialization via our Paystack secured payment gateway.

Capstone Project

Every specialization includes a hands-on project. Students will need to complete the project(s) before a specialization is deemed completed.


After completing each specialization, a Certificate will be awarded to students which they can share with prospective employers and professional networks.


* are compulsory


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Blended Learning

A combination of both physical and online

100% Practical

The course offers a practical and hands-on approach to learning

Beginner Level

No prior experience is required


Subtitle is available in different languages on our Learning Management System,


A Certificate is awarded after completion of training

Capstone Project

A capstone project is required from the participant at the completion of training

There are 6 Modules and 41 Lessons in this Specialization



Introduction to Digital Communications and Marketing Strategies (8 Hours)

Lesson 1: What is Digital Communication?

Lesson 2: Marketing – The process and functions that build customer relationships

Lesson 3: Digital media channels

Lesson 4: Digital marketing models

Lesson 5: Your digital brand.

Lesson 6: Additional materials

Project: Introduction to Digital Communications and Marketing Strategies 



Social Media Strategy and Management (8 Hours)

Lesson 7: Content writing and management system

Lesson 8: Infographic content marketing 

Lesson 9: Designing visuals for digital media – Hacks, Tricks and Tools

Lesson 10: Social media

Lesson 11: Blog content marketing

Lesson 12: Podcast content marketing 

Lesson 13: Video content marketing 

Lesson 14: Paid Ad content marketing 

Project: Social media strategy and management



Social Media Strategy and Management (8 Hours)

Lesson 15: Introduction to social media

Lesson 16: Introduction to social media channels 

Lesson 17: Social Media, websites and SEO (The relationship)

Lesson 18: Planning for social media

Lesson 19: Measuring social media activities 

Lesson 20: Understanding Paid vs Organic Traffic

Lesson 21: Integrating your online and offline customer journey

Lesson 22: Facebook and Instagram – Setting up and managing your account. 

Lesson 23: LinkedIn and Twitter

Lesson 24: YouTube and Google +

Project: Social Media Strategy and Management.



Email Marketing Strategies (8 Hours)

Lesson 25: Introduction to email marketing  

Lesson 26: Creating a content management and segmentation strategy 

Lesson 27: Creating a high performing mail

Lesson 28: Understanding email deliverability 

Lesson 29: Outlining the design of your marketing emails 

Lesson 30: Analyzing your marketing emails 

Lesson 31: Testing your marketing emails

Lesson 32: Developing relationships with lead nurturing

Project: Email marketing strategies 



Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals (8 Hours)

Lesson 33: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization  

Lesson 34: Optimizing websites for search results  

Lesson 35: On-page and off-page optimization

Lesson 36: Tools and techniques  

Lesson 37: Measuring success and ROI

Project: Search Engine Optimization 



Fundamentals of Data Analytics and Data Security (8 Hours)

Lesson 38: Introduction to Analytics   

Lesson 39: Digital Media Analytics Tools 

Lesson 40: Converting data to Insights 

Lesson 41: Fundamentals of Data Security 

Project: Fundamental of Data Analytics and Data Security 


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A certificate is issued to every student that completes a course. This certificate is shareable on any platform (including all social media platforms) as proof of completion and certification of expertise. It should however be noted that, for a course to be deemed as completed, the student must have finished all capstone projects in the course.

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