Research for Impact (R4i) 1.0


Afri-kid is a complementary food for babies (6-23 months), which is produced under good manufacturing condition with no added preservative. Formulated from locally available and easy to source materiaIs. The selection of raw materiaI was based on its nutritional composition to provide needed supportive nutri­ents for weaned babies.
Team Nutrition


REPRED is a remote power regulating device comprising of a mobile application and an appliance-specific device which helps in monitoring the appliance in the home/offices. The appliance specific device which is sensor-based has a provision for various household appliances such as: refrigerator, water heater, air condition and flood light.
Team Sustainable Cities

Metal Absorbent Chamber​

METAC (Metal Absorbent Chamber) is a system to be incorporated into a smelting processing plant for trapping metallic particles from effluents. It substantially re­duces toxic particles that are released as part of discharges from smelting plant. The system consists of a chamber with inlet and outlet for entry and discharge of effluent from smelting plants.
Team Environment

NIRID Monitor

NIRID MONITOR is a crop surveillance device comprising of a trolley, camera, soft­ware/data unit and handle. Its function is to capture images of leaves and other vegetative parts of rice plant on the field, process the image and provide the type/ class of pests and pathogen attacking the plant. It processes their information and suggests possible control measure. 
Team Crop Plant

Research for Impact (R4i) 2.0

MDM Bean Harvester

MDM Bean harvester is an appliance comprising a frame, fingers lifting unit, mower and conveyor with a pair of handles. The MDM bean harvester includes a two-step operation. First, lifting the stems, leaves and pods followed by cutting the bean stems from the root. In the second step, cut parts are conveyed to the right side of the device to capture pods, leaves and stems on the field.
Team End Hunger

Learning Management System (LMS)

The design of the LMS sets out to provide tutors of primary schools an opportunity to manage courses and course contents. it will further monitor the performance of both teachers and students through periodic quizzes. It also provides swift feedback with the overall goal of standardizing and improving quality education.
Team Quality Education

Solar Powered Pottery Wheel

Solar-powered pottery wheel (SPPW) is a solar-powered machine comprising of a wheel, solar panel, charger controller, electric motor, and batteries. Its function is to mold and shape pottery products to high quality within a limited time at a low-cost and swift rate.
Team Poverty Reduction

Vaccine Cooling System (VCS)

VCS (Vaccines Cooling System) is a mobile cooling system that uses hybrid energy sources (solar and dynamo) to help with vaccine distribution in cities and rural areas. The system comprises a well-lagged cooling chamber in which vaccines are cooled.
Team Energy

Research for Impact (R4i) 3.1

Vibrotactile Telemetry

Vibrotactile Telemetry is a web-based application that works as an alternative to braille machines. The application can be installed on any smart mobile device where a visually or hearing-impaired student can hear and feel the vibrations and beeps of interpreted morse codes from the speech of a teacher, who sees the flow of the combination of interpreted sounds on a phone screen.
Team Quality Education

Home Energy Consumption Limiter & Monitor

This is a device that saves energy consumption and cost by using as little energy as possible during peak and off-peak hours.
It is divided into 5 sections: the Transducer, Power Unit, Microcontroller, Actuator, and Display Unit.
Team Energy

Solar-Powered Agricultural Spraying Machine

This is a simple and easy-to-wheel solar-power herbicide/pesticide sprayer that uses a 12 Volt, 20 Watts solar panel with a detachable battery of 12Volts, 5 Ampere-Hour, and 5 Ampere-Hour charge controller. The mechanical component is operated by wheeling the machine manually.
Team End Hunger

Mini-Water Treatment Plant

The Mini-Water Treatment Plant works by the processes of filtration and disinfection. Water which is filled with organic substances like fired clay is fed into the treatment chamber and arranged in a stratified manner, according to particle sizes, after which activated charcoal removes the solid particles before passing through UV light for disinfection, to remove microbes, then stored and ready for consumption.
Team Clean Water

Research for Impact (R4i) 3.2

Bio-Briquette Making Machine

The Bio-Briquette Making Machine works by compacting treated waste into high-density brick forms, which can be used as fuel that burns cleaner, longer, and more efficiently than firewood or charcoal. Electricity is used to drive a motor, which in turn drives a screw power transmission system that uses mechanical force to compact waste material into high-density briquettes.
Team Climate Action

In-situ Decision Support System

This device consists of a microcontroller board with Temperature, Humidity, NPK, Moisture, and PH sensors that provide information displayed on an LED screen. The microcontroller interprets data from the sensors, displays it on the screen, and transmits signals to the actuator. This device is a stand-alone, solar-powered system with a backup battery charged by the solar panel in the absence of sunlight.
Team End Hunger

The ClosR Mobile Application

ClosR is a 2-way interactive app that helps parents monitor their children’s change in behaviour, for prevention and intervention in cases of substance abuse. When parents or guardians sign up for the app, the parents and children answer questions that track personality traits and suggest critical outcomes, which ultimately prompts the recruitment of an expert for intervention.
Team Good Health

Flood Warning System

The Flood Warning System is a hybrid of hardware and software interactive systems that provide real-time updates every hour. The hardware comprises of an alert gauge that employs sensors to detect changes in water level. Inside the gauge, there’s an ultrasonic sensor that sends out sound waves to determine the water level. 
Team Infrastructure

Research for Impact (R4i) 4.0


Team Health and Well-being developed an interactive mobile application called B-Health. This app, available to Android users, has the potential to provide easy and early detection of breast cancer, which can result in the reduction of breast cancer globally. This innovation is in line with the United Nation’s SDG 3 - Health and Wellbeing.
Team Good Health

Inno-T Smart Soil

This Smart Soil kit has the capacity to run tests in order to determine macronutrients, micronutrients, and the physical properties of the soil.
Our IoT-based innovation is unique in terms of its ease of operation, as well as the stand-alone analyzer that doesn’t require technical expertise to operate.
Team Zero Hunger

Solar & Wind-Powered Briquette-Making Machine.

Team Affordable and Clean Energy developed a Solar and Wind-Powered Briquette-making machine. This machine uses a combination of solar and wind energy to properly compress Biomass into briquettes for better and cleaner combustion.
Team Good Health

Bus Itinerary Regulated Tracking Hostility(BIRTH)

Team Sustainable Cities and Communities developed the Bus Itinerary Regulated Tracking Hostility -BIRTH. The system comprises of both electronic hardware and software that identify bus numbers, routes, stations, prices, and locations. It also has a tracker and geofencing for general improvement of poor management, maintenance and frequent policy changes in the transportation sector.
Team Good Health

Research for Impact (R4i) 5.0


This innovation is a mobile application that caters for lecturers who develop lecture materials, and students in need of lecture materials. The functionality is simple; the students and lecturers register on the app, the lecturer uploads lecture materials which get reviewed by a verification module. The students get access to these materials based on a recommendation system -using their registration preferences and paid subscription.
Team Good Health

Floating House (Gimbaliya)

The Floating House is movable in vertical direction, with hinges at each corner to anchor it from moving sideways; this makes it resistant to flooding. Gimbaliya is unique and relevant to flood prone communities because of its ability to float in the occasion of flood, by moving upward and downward as the case may be, without destruction; and firmly pegged, to absorb shock of wave and water current.
Team Zero Hunger

Automated Ultrasonic Solar-Powered Sprayer (SPS)

This is an automated ultrasonic solar-powered sprayer (SPS) and broad-spectrum bio-pesticides for the control of pests in an eco-friendly manner. Anchored on SDG 2 - Zero Hunger, through the implementation of resilient, eco-friendly and highly productive agricultural practices.
Team Good Health

Smart Grain Storage System

The Smart Grain Storage System (SAVEGRAIN) is innovation that addresses the SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production. This innovation was developed by using IoT approach that prevents pest infestation of stored grains; keeping them safe for consumption.
Team Responsible Consumption

Research for Impact (R4i) 6.0


This innovation which can be operated without access to electricity, and is designed to detect and eliminate waterborne pathogens and reduce the health related issues associated with contaminated water. The key advantage of Water 23 is the versatility. It can be deployed anywhere and anytime. By adapting this technology, we can ensure that clean water is accessible to all Nigerians, regardless of their location.
Team Good Health


iDetect 23 is an automated over-speed detector and recorder, based on a real time operating system, that sends data to the relevant authorities via a secure IoT platform. This innovation is in line with the United Nation’s SDG 3, target 3.6, which is to reduce the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents. The device operates seamlessly, relying on wiFi connectivity, a stable power supply, GPS capabilities, and a responsive standby team for swift intervention.
Team Good Health


Jollyfryer is poised to transform the landscape of food production in Nigeria. By eliminating the need for sieving prior to frying, and harnessing the power of solar energy and gas heating, Jollyfryer brings unprecedented efficiency and sustainability to the Garri production process. At the heart of this innovation lies a heat exchanger and an insulated chamber, which conserves heat and enhances the frying process by optimizing heat distribution.
Team Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

i-Gel 23

A reusable multipurpose device capable of harvesting, storing, and releasing atmospheric water directly to the roots of plants. Operating with the assistance of a hydrogel, the device interacts with atmospheric water through a sorption process. The absorbed water is then stored within the gel and released as the ambient temperature rises. This results in droplets forming and flowing directly to the plant roots.
Team Life on Land

Research for Impact (R4i) 7.0


This contactless smart automated UV chamber revolutionizes healthcare waste management, directly contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being. Propurity functions by closely monitoring the waste disposal process through a UV chamber, effectively reducing human exposure to infectious diseases. This innovative operational approach sets it apart from traditional methods.
Team Good Health


ReQuip is a talent cloud application. Through ReQuip, organizations can create accounts and access a vast database of deeply vetted technicians, artisans, and handymen, specifically tailored to their industrial needs. This groundbreaking innovation connects clients with skilled professionals, facilitating seamless and effective interaction, ultimately bridging the gap between demand and supply.
Team Industry, Innovation


Ecocharc functions by using paper waste as a catalyst to ignite the incinerator where the waste is burnt into charcoal, in the absence of oxygen. The charcoal is further transformed into briquettes by a briquette-making machine. The innovation is unique, not only because of its creative output but also due to its eco-friendliness.
Team Responsible Consum


Airllinc functions by taking in air (indoor), filtering the air to remove particulate matter and returning the filtered air into the space. The significance of Airllinc cannot be overstated, as it offers a unique and effective approach in combating the pervasive and hazardous issue of particulate matter pollution in our society.
Team Good Health

Research for Impact (R4i) 8.0


Digifact serves as a powerful digital platform that enables public school teachers to become data aggregators, gathering primary data across all sectors of the economy. By collecting valuable data through our app, teachers can create additional job opportunities for themselves without having to resign from their current teaching positions. This empowers them economically while also providing researchers, public and private enterprises, and NGO with valuable data for their work.
Team No Poverty


SkinChek is moisture detector for detecting moisture-associated skin disorders. This groundbreaking solution focuses on accurately measuring the moisture content of the skin, as deviations from the normal or standard moisture values can indicate the presence of a skin disorder. Our skin moisture detector is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and portable tool specifically designed for female adults to self-diagnose moisture-related skin disorders.
Team Good Health


LECTURAID offers a seamless platform for displaying teaching materials and conducting practical activities, making it easier and more convenient for both teachers and learners. It directly addresses the challenge of increasing enrolment in educational institutions, which often leads to difficulties for teachers to effectively deliver lessons and conduct practicals to a large number of learners.
Team Quality Education


GreenRadiant; a solar IOT-based micro-grid system for smart energy control and consumption management. Our system offers a range of smart integrated functions designed to optimize energy management. It enables users to monitor their energy consumption levels and display the percentage charge of the battery. Additionally, it incorporates intelligent detection and control mechanisms to prevent overload conditions.
Team Clean Energy

Research for Impact (R4i) 9.0


This innovation employs sound-based technology to emit frequencies beyond human hearing, targeting rodents and deterring them from infesting surrounding areas. This novel innovation holds a distinct advantage, as it addresses a critical threat to farmers' livelihoods and productivity by curbing heavy losses caused by rodent invasions. The Rodent Repeller provides the most cost-effective means of controlling rodents, safeguarding harvest, and ensuring food security for our nation.
Team Zero Hunger

360 Workshop

The 360 Workshop is a testament to innovation and progress as it incorporates technologies such as Robotics, AI, and Immersive Technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality to provide students with an immersive and futuristic learning experience. One of the key features that set the 360 Workshop apart is its capacity to generate visual content from industries and integrate it into the TVET curriculum.
Team Quality Education

Ceramic Power Pack

The Ceramic Power Pack is not just a typical power pack; it stands out with its captivating design. By integrating multi-power ceramic casings with high aesthetics, our solution not only stores electricity but also adds an element of beauty to the environment it serves. Our innovation goes beyond providing electricity; it has the capacity to empower communities with reliable and sustainable energy.
Team Industry, Innovation

Mobile House

Mobile House aims to provide mobile housing options in the Niger Delta flood-prone regions during the flood seasons. The buildings will be designed for easy assembly during flooding periods, ensuring quick deployment to accommodate displaced individuals and families. Likewise, they can be conveniently unassembled after the flooding season, making them practical and adaptable to the region's needs.
Team Sustainable Cities & Co

Research for Impact (R4i) 10


Exclusafe is an innovative breast milk storage bag that can maintain breast milk at a specified temperature, ensuring its safety and nutritional integrity.
This solution, aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Zero Hunger, aims to empower working-class nursing mothers by providing them with a reliable means to safely store expressed breast milk while they fulfill their work responsibilities.
Team Zero Hunger


Smartbetes utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to suggest recipes based on the user's location, dietary preferences and available ingredients. Furthermore, this innovative app offers alternative ingredient suggestions based on the user's budget and the local availability of food items. Smartbetes also assists diabetic patients in adhering to their dietary requirements by providing them with affordable and nutritionally sound meal plans tailored to their specific needs.
Team Good Health

Student's Virtual Support Services

This innovation promises to elevate the quality and accessibility of virtual support services to unprecedented levels. What sets this solution apart is its user-friendly design, boasting an accessible interface tailored to individuals with different levels of proficiency. It is also engineered to function across a wide range of devices, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.
Team Quality Education


Pinfrattrac not only detects suspicious activity but also triggers alarms to alert nearby individuals to potential acts of vandalism. This innovation is firmly aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy. The potential impact of our device is immense. By curbing the rate of inconsistent power supply caused by vandalism, it has the capacity to boost economic activities within communities and contribute to overall development.
Team Clean Energy


"BuildMinder", an innovative system that uses different sources of building data to help develop an AI predictive model. This innovation is designed to identify major structural problems in buildings, enabling timely maintenance interventions and comprehensive analysis of building quality. Our innovation aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. What sets the BuildMinder apart is its unique capacity to predict and analyze faulty structures.
Team Clean Energy

Research for Impact (R4i) 11

Multi-Grain Planter

This agro-tech marvel can effortlessly plant a precise number of grains vertically into the soil at a specified depth and horizontal distance. With the seed planter, countless hours of backbreaking manual labor on farms can be saved. This innovation can also guarantee accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. It's not just a solution to agricultural challenges; it's a commitment to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Zero Hunger.
Team Zero Hunger


MSKEL-OIL is derived from aromatic plants rich in complex secondary metabolites. These oils, with their unique composition, can be inhaled, topically applied, or even administered through various routes such as oral, vaginal, or rectal applications in treatments, often involving massages on affected areas. The sensory experience of smell and touch plays a vital role, inducing a parasympathetic effect that fosters relaxation and, in turn, reduces pain intensity
Team Good Health


SUPERBOT-1 serves as a virtual supervisor. It’s here to bridge the gap. It offers real-time feedback to students on their projects, elevating the quality of supervision and the overall learning experience. This innovation is addressed towards the United Nations’ SDG 4 - Quality Education. What makes SUPERBOT-1 truly exceptional is its novelty. It enhances the availability of supervisors to students, ensuring no one is left behind.
Team Quality Education

Butcher Hub

Butcher Hub is an innovative e-commerce mobile application with a primary aim to promote hygienic benefits and contribute to economic growth. This application streamlines the meat and seafood purchasing process, making it convenient for consumers to access top-notch proteinous products.
Team Decent Work & Econo


This automated solar-panel cleaning device is designed to preserve the efficiency of solar panels by effectively removing the stubborn residue that accumulates on their surfaces. Swifclean boasts an array of components, including advanced sensors, precise cleaning mechanism, sophisticated control system, robust safety features, and a comprehensive data monitoring system.
Team Good Health

Research for Impact (R4i) 12


OnionSafe leverages smart technology to optimise onion preservation, significantly reducing post-harvest losses and bringing stability to the entire onion value chain. It includes a ventilation system with wired mesh, real-time monitoring of temperature and relative humidity to prevent spoilage, an alarm system that triggers when conditions become unfavorable, robust metal stands for durability, an elevated platform to ward off pests, and a protective shed to protect from sunlight and rain.
Team Zero Hunger


Tour9ja provides comprehensive information on tourist attractions and bridges the gap between tourisim and Nigerian traditions. It is a digital gateway to our rich culture and captivating stories, all at your fingertips. Beyond offering an immersive experience, Tour9ja is aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth. This app has the potential to stimulate economic growth by promoting local businesses, artisans, and tourism-related industries.
Team Decent Work & Econo


This Innovation offers an avenue for vehicle owners and mechanics to connect, while empowering mechanics to obtain certifications and continually refine their skills. By creating more job opportunities within the expansive automobile industry, building the capacity of mechanics to deliver improved services, and ultimately fostering economic development, AutoSkill-Pro aims to make a lasting impact.
Team Industry, Innovation


Hyproxi is not just another remedy; it is a game-changer in the management of high blood pressure. What makes Hyproxi truly unique is the carefully-crafted formula comprising selected herbs known for their remarkable therapeutic properties in tackling hypertension. Hyproxi is designed to be safe, palatable, and easy for individuals to self-administer.
Team Good Health & Well-B


AQUAPURE is a ceramic water-filtration system that can improve the way we purify water. It uses a unique porous ceramic material to filter out impurities and contaminants, making water cleaner, clearer, and safer.
Team Decent Work & Econo

Research for Impact (R4i) 13


The R-Filter is a water filtration system that refines wastewater through a triple filtration process. The modular unit can effectively treat wastewater using an eco-friendly filtration system by means of physical, chemical, and biological processes as well as UV light. Its highly efficient filter absorbs odours, particles, and heavy metals, making the recycled water suitable for irrigation, industrial processes, and other non-potable purposes. This helps reduce the environmental impact of wastewater and saves individuals and businesses money on water bills.
Team Clean Water & Sanita


In-CharFertilizer reduces the level of Cadmium contamination from soil and enhances crop production. This innovation comprises Chicken manure or Cow dung, Bio-char and Zinc but has proven to improve soil health. This innovation considerably reduces the level of Cadmium contamination from soil and enhances crop production, which in turn eliminates kidney diseases as well as skeletal and respiratory system disorders. What makes our innovation truly unique is our commitment to providing a new solution sourced locally from organic materials.
Team Good Health & Well-B


V-trainer is a Virtual Reality Training Platform where medical students and community health workers can practice complex medical procedures in a controlled, immersive, and risk-free environment without putting themselves or their patients at risk. It provides a virtual environment that mirrors real-world health settings, with lifelike 3D models of medical equipment, accurate patient simulations, and realistic physics. With V-trainer instructors can guide and evaluate medical students and community health workers in real time.
Team Good Health & Well-B


Recfilament is an innovation designed to tackle the menace of plastic waste by collecting, shredding and extruding used PET bottles into polylactic acid pellets for 3D printing. These Polylactic pellets could be used to develop 3D-printed prosthetics, medical devices, new building materials and new products for a variety of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and education. This can help to create jobs and boost the Nigerian economy
Team Industry, Innovation

MOW (Modular Workshop)

Modular workshop (MOW) toolkit specifically designed to facilitate the repairs and maintenance of mobile phones. With the help of the MOW toolkit, users can gain access to technical and vocational education, acquire new skills and be empowered for self-reliance.
Team Quality Education

Research for Impact (R4i) 14


Eco-built products are made up of micro-porous ceramics such as; ball clay with laterite, hematites, rice husk and polystyrene products containing controlled porosity exhibiting special properties and features not achievable by sandcrete and conventional hard, dense non-cellular clay counterparts. Its lightweight, durability, convenience, resource availability, strength, anti-dampening, cost effective, customer co-creation, eco-friendliness and the ability to mitigate climate change when used as bricks for wall construction and partitioning in the building industry is among its numerous advantages compared to the conventional sandcrete building blocks.
Team Industry, Innovation


This innovative approach aims to create a school environment that prioritizes the well-being, safety, and inclusion of every child. Prevention is key, and I-C U stands as the dependable, real-time, intelligent surveillance solution that identifies potentially 'unsafe' situations involving school children. It acts swiftly, capturing, processing, storing, and sending SMS notifications, transmitting footage to Whatsapp, and issues distress calls to school administrators. I-C U provides a two-step solution to ensure rapid response. It sets threat locations on alarm to deter potential threats and escalates to the entire school.
Team Quality Education


AGROBOT is an automatic AI pest and diseases tracking and spraying system that uses computer vision trained robot to acquire, process, analyse, identify and measure threat (pests and diseases) for effective and better control measure. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, time, energy and money saving. It's also very effective to control pest as Artificial predator.
Team Zero Hunger


CoTensils is an innovative solution that simply converts coconut husk into biodegradable utensils, flower pots and packing materials. The fact that this technology is novel and affordable due to accessibility and availability of involved materials makes it relevant in addressing SDG12. Additionally, the products of our CoTensils are eco-friendly and will be free of all toxins known to be toxic to humans.
Team Responsible Consum


POLYMELT is a smart polyethylene melting and mixing machine that transforms waste into usable products, while generating employment and revenue in the process. This innovation is an ingenious solution that aligns with SDG 1 - No Poverty. POLYMELT deploys an approach to wealth creation through the recycling of waste.
Team No Poverty

Research for Impact (R4i) 15

Innov-Sorter T5

The innovation is a mechanical and robotic arm harvester to assist farmers in the country in harvesting and sorting of their vegetable and fruits. The Innov-Sorter T5 machine will revolutionize farming and help the farmers to avoid and circumvent post harvest losses with a view to achieving improved fruit quality, increased fruit shelf-life, increased Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and above all a bountiful harvest!
Team Industry, Innovation

Series Navigator

Series Navigator guides students through a series of interactive modules, combining study techniques with engaging games. Users progress through levels, mastering concepts at their own pace. The App employs artificial intelligence to adapt to each student's learning style, ensuring a customized educational journey
Team Quality Education


Adolesafe (AS) is a variety of board game apps, where adolescents and users can now be engaged in their phones and computers to promote their awareness, educate and prewarn them against problems associated with drug abuse. It also provides a virtual learning environment and mind-therapy for adolescents, to counsel them of dangers linked with use of psychoactive substances
Team Good Health & Well-


Innovag-1 has the capacity to monitor plant health, combat weed infestations, and prevent farm invasion by birds, cattle, and even humans. Deploying artificial intelligence and IoT, Innovag-1 analyzes signals and transmits data to a processor that acts swiftly and appropriately.
Team Zero Hunger


Clesan is a water purification system it works by combining chemical and physical processes, Clesan ensures the removal of heavy metals and infectious microorganisms, making water safe for consumption. Clesan delivers more than just clean water. It reduces the risk of disease outbreaks and protects communities from long-term health challenges like cancer and water-borne diseases.
Team Clean Water & Sanit

Research for Impact (R4i) 16


Structegrity is a Remote Digital Monitoring System developed by Team Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure to elevate building integrity testing. In a country where proactive strategies are imperative, Structegrity offers a single, versatile device that tests various integrity factors simultaneously, providing a real-time assessment of a structure's status.
Team Industry, Innovation


EtasyPump is a fuelless water pump designed to dismantle the barriers obstructing the progress of our farmers. Operating on the principle of 'water hammer,' envision water gently coerced through a narrow opening, creating pressure. As this pressure mounts to a critical juncture, a valve lifts, orchestrating continuous water pumping.
Team Zero Hunger


Gasglow is a solution born from the depths of research and innovation, tapping into the Nigerian Renewable Energy Master Plan. It harnesses the power of biogas, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, reducing carbon footprints, and alleviating the energy deficit.
Team Affordable and Clean E


Kleebottle is an innovation designed to provide fresh, clean, and risk-free water to school-age children in both rural and urban communities. At the core of Kleebottle is its filtration system crafted from organic materials, ensuring that every drop holds a promise of health and safety.
Team Clean Water & Sanit


Visually-impaired Augmented Device, ViAD is a portable, user-friendly device that represents a milestone in empowering visually impaired students and facilitates their active participation in academic activities, particularly during tests and examinations.
Team Quality Education

Research for Impact (R4i) 17


Imagine this: a pelleted form of fertilizer that not only addresses nutrient leaching into the soil but also releases vital nutrients gradually, while minimizing the distinct odour often associated with traditional fertilizers. GrowitPellets is an affordable fertilizer designed to empower maize farmers, enabling them to save up to 75% of their initial fertilizer expenses. It transcends being a mere product; it is a lifeline for the hardworking farmers in Nigeria.
Team Zero Hunger


LyfPower steps in with an ingenious solution – an improved, cost-effective, and reliable energy storage system, crafted from locally available materials. Imagine this – the marriage of porous fins and desulphator technology, revolutionizing passive cooling and restoring battery loss capacity. This breakthrough not only enhances battery life and efficiency but slashes overall storage system costs.
Team Affordable and Clean

Better Dry

The Better Dry revolutionizes rubber processing with 20-minute drying times. This innovation boosts production, plummets costs, and minimizes environmental impact while ensuring consistent quality. User-friendly and adaptable, it integrates seamlessly, empowering users to operate responsibly, protect worker health, and dominate the rubber processing gam
Team Decent Work & Econo

King Sorter

King Sorter is an automated solid waste sorting machine that empowers SMEs in the industry, facilitating seamless waste sorting, reducing adulteration, cutting production costs, and ultimately boosting profits. Imagine a future where SME owners can breathe easy, and be confident in their waste management enterprises, with the pressing issue of waste adulteration firmly addressed.
Team Industry, Innovation


BUZYLENA, a social learning platform. BUZYLENA provides working-class students with the privilege to engage in learning in a social, fun-filled, and convenient environment which creates more learning opportunities in order to boost their academic performance.
Team : Quality Education

Research for Impact (R4i) 18

TomaVeg Chiller

This product is designed to keep tomatoes and vegetables fresh for weeks, ensuring that households can buy, store, and enjoy them without worrying about quality loss. Picture a portable and affordable chiller that not only stores vegetables in a controlled atmosphere but also incorporates special perforated crates for drainage, air circulation, and versatility in cooling various perishable produce. And here's the game-changer—a hybrid power supply of electricity and solar, ensuring sustainability. The addition of Ultraviolet rays prevents spoilage, giving you fresh, safe, and nutritious meals every time.
Team Zero Hunger


This is a modified atmospheric freezing compartment and a storage facility where mango farmers and sellers can store mangoes to ensure a consistent and affordable year-round availability while prioritizing its quality. GO360 provides a modified atmosphere that uses a mixture of gases which slow down the ripening process of mangoes, maintains its quality and also prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. With GO360, the shelf life of mangoes can be extended, its quality maintained, spoilage reduced and waste drastically minimized.
Team Responsible Consumpt


This device monitors a string of panels, detects faults and promptly alarms users when necessary to enable quick response. The reliability, efficiency and safety of solar panels can be enhanced by continuous monitoring and detecting faults, if any, as early as possible. Solar energy consumers can be protected from hazards, unplanned power cuts and financial burdens when the F-Detector device is incorporated into their PV systems. The device could also aid technicians by expediting and simplifying repair, as well as maintenance tasks.
Team Affordable & Clean En

Cognitive Aided Simulation Device – 'CASD'

This learning aid incorporates coping strategies and healthy living tips, aiming to rejuvenate and create independence for elderly individuals dealing with Cognitive Impairment. This device is not just a solution, it is a step towards a world where every elderly person can live with dignity and independence.
Team Good Health & Well-B


This an innovative solution in the form of hybrid biodegradable water bottles and nylon. What makes this product standout is the ability to create bioplastics from plant-based fibers, significantly reducing the percentage of polyethylene in commonly-used water bottles and nylon. With FIBAP, manufacturers now have the power to replace non-degradable polyethylene with sustainable, plant-based fibers, ushering in an era of eco-friendly products.
Team Responsible Consumpt

Research for Impact (R4i) 19


ElectriSafe offers accurate and real-time tracking from manufacturing through installation and maintenance. Electronic readers are employed to scan and verify authenticity, compared to the conventional manual methods and streamlining inspections and audits. ElectriSafe ensures detailed traceability, providing information on the origin, production date, modifications, and maintenance activities associated with each pole.
Team Industry, Innovation


AirVolt Offers users the liberty to regulate their power consumption, AirVolt stands not merely as a solution but as an empowerment tool. Picture the transformative impact in rural settlements—affordable, accessible, and dependable electricity. AirVolt, with its capability to generate power and provide users control, ensures extended duration and heightened durability, all while accommodating modest budgets.
Team affordable & Clean Ene


Onchocare is a body cream that is more than just a shield against disease; it is also a lifeline for prevention and overall skin care. Onchocare incorporates extracts from potent local repellent plants, forming a robust defence against disease-carrying insects. Thereby creating a skincare solution that not only protects but nourishes, embracing holistic well-being.
Team Good Health & Well-B


IoT-Filter utilises rice husk, an abundant, cheap, and biodegradable agricultural waste. This innovation employs physicochemical adsorption by activated carbon to purify raw water. It surpasses commercial activated carbons in efficiency, offering a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative for water purification.
Team Clean Water & Sanita

Research for Impact (R4i) 20


Utilising organic waste materials such as agricultural residue and household waste, EcoBriq8 produces briquettes that burn with higher energy efficiency, emitting significantly lower emissions compared to traditional fuels. By embracing a circular economy approach, this product not only reduces waste accumulation, but also creates job opportunities and promotes a healthier lifestyle.
Team Affordable and Clean


S-Sizzlers is a solar-driven fish dryer. This innovation has immense potential for fish preservation and ultimately, for empowering fishing communities. Utilising renewable solar energy, S-Sizzlers dehydrates fish, extending shelf life and preserving taste, texture, and nutritional value. Its design harnesses the power of the sun to create a controlled drying environment, minimising contamination risks and reducing spoilage.
Team Life Below Water


DOPIN-Strip is an innovation that has the capacity to combat the alarming trend of palm oil adulteration. With demand for palm oil outpacing supply, producers have resorted to adulteration; compromising the quality and safety of this essential ingredient. But DOPIN-Strip offers a simple and effective way to detect the presence of red azo dye – a common adulterant used to increase profits.
Team Good Health & Well-B


BinderRX aims to spark a revolution in pharmaceutical manufacturing by developing a starch binder-producing machine. This innovation efficiently produces high-quality starch binders from edible wild yams, ensuring consistent availability for pharmaceutical companies.
Team Responsible Consum


F-Seedlink is an innovative application connecting farmers with improved rice seed suppliers and expert advisory services. By leveraging F-Seedlink, farmers gain access to vital information and strategic support to enhance their rice farming practices.
Team Zero Hunger

Research for Impact (R4i) 21


Banditrac is a beacon of hope in the fight against lawlessness and chaos. Powered by innovative Zigbee Communication technology, this system provides a vital lifeline, alerting communities to the presence of bandits before they strike. With real-time notifications and networked alarms, Banditrac empowers Community Protection Guards and citizens alike to stand vigilant against the threat of violence. With Banditrac, preparedness becomes the cornerstone of defense. By arming communities with knowledge and awareness, it enables swift and decisive action, safeguarding lives, livestock, and property.
Team Peace, Justice and St


E-GUARD is an innovation developed to aid the fight against agricultural sabotage and violence. Powered by green energy and cutting-edge technology, this innovative system offers real-time tracking and intelligence, empowering farmers to protect their lands and livelihoods from invasion. With E-GUARD, rural communities gain a powerful ally in the battle for food security. By proactively monitoring and disseminating actionable security briefs, it fortifies farmlands against threats, ensuring uninterrupted food production and safeguarding lives, livelihood and property
Team Zero Hunger


TravelGuard is an innovative system that offers a comprehensive approach to highway safety, integrating real-time crime alerts, panic buttons, and discreet SOS messaging to empower travelers and restore confidence in the road transportation system. With TravelGuard, travelers gain a lifeline in their hands, equipped with the tools they need to navigate their journeys with confidence. From GPS tracking for continuous monitoring, to multimedia incident reporting for law enforcement analysis, this groundbreaking initiative fosters proactive safety measures and swift incident management, ensuring safer roads for all.
Team Sustainable Cities & C


Alca-Cure features a blend of Carica papaya and Acacia nilotica, harnessing the healing power of nature to combat hyperacidity and alleviate ulcer symptoms. Unlike conventional drugs, Alca-Cure offers a single, natural solution with minimal side effects, catering to all categories of ulcer patients. With Alca-Cure, relief is within reach. By targeting the root causes of hyperacidity, it provides effective treatment, while ensuring affordability and accessibility for all.
Team Good Health & Well-B


Through the design and fabrication of tailored anaerobic digesters, this solution transforms POME waste into methane, offering a sustainable path towards waste management and energy generation. With PomeFUEL, palm oil farming communities gain a powerful ally in the battle for environmental stewardship. By harnessing anaerobic digestion technology, these digesters efficiently treat POME waste, generate biogas for energy, and mitigate environmental pollution, while fostering sustainable practices and production.
Team Responsible Consum

Research for Impact (R4i) 22


e-Feed is an innovative solution aimed at providing tailored dietary guidance and food supplements for the elderly. With e-Feed, elderly individuals can access a library of food formulations and nutritional information specifically designed to meet their unique dietary needs; whether they have health complications or not. The potential impact of e-feed is profound. By bridging the gap in diets for the elderly and promoting optimal nutrition, e-Feed has the power to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of millions of elderly individuals across Nigeria.
Team Zero Hunger


Gobara is a Neem-based biological pesticide. It offers a viable and safe alternative for groundnut farmers, enabling them to protect their crops without compromising on health or environmental integrity. With Gobara, groundnut farmers can boost their yields and secure their livelihoods amidst the challenges of food insecurity. This eco-friendly pesticide not only safeguards crops but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices, free from the harmful repercussions of conventional pesticides.
Team Zero Hunger


Poisona efficiently traps cement dust emissions using its innovative media dust catcher, transforming them into harmless mist through a variable water speed sprayer. It offers a trusted solution to mitigate air pollution and its adverse effects on both climate and human health. Poisona’s easy accessibility and user-friendly design makes it a practical tool for individuals and communities alike, spanning from cement production sites to household use.
Team Sustainable Cities & C


AviShield offers a proactive approach to prevention, leveraging biosecurity measures with its advanced engineering design. Placed at the entrance of poultry farms, AviShield empowers visitors and workers to sanitise hands and feet, effectively curbing the spread of zoonotic diseases.
Team Zero Hunger


Introducing Q-Saver, an app poised to transform Nigeria's logistics industry. Its sophisticated algorithm streamlines processes by inputting crucial data, ensuring seamless coordination. Q-Saver stands out as a secure, adaptable solution for various logistics challenges.
Team Zero Hunger

Research for Impact (R4i) 23


This innovative solution aims to bring the much-needed revolution to the energy sector, addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable agriculture. OC4-Fuel is more than just a fuel alternative. By converting biomass into clean, renewable biofuels, it not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also fosters a circular economy by utilising organic waste materials for energy production. OC4-Fuel is synthesised with superior performance to overcome the challenges of efficiency and selectivity in biomass conversion reactions when compared to the conventional heterogeneous catalysts.
Team Affordable & Clean Ene


SIS-Technology; a centralized reservoir for water storage using a smart irrigation system. This innovation is not just targeted to serve the needs of small-scale rice farmers in Kebbi State, but across borders, in places where irrigation challenges hamper rice farming. Powered by solar energy and controlled by IoT, this system ensures efficient water supply to the rice farm throughout the planting season, especially during the dry season. A smart drip irrigation system, managed through a mobile application, delivers water directly to the crops, boosting productivity and income for the farmers
Team Clean Water & Sanit


Crafts-Hope is more than just a product; it's an opportunity for unemployed women in Plateau State and beyond. Our innovation aims to leverage creative industry skills to alleviate poverty and foster a better quality of life for these women. Crafts-Hope; a tailored leather crafts workstation, equipped with essential tools like solar-powered stitching and cutting machines. This modular setup includes a customized mobile bench, offering flexible and efficient workspace organization for the women. It's empowerment through skill development, economic stability, and environmental sustainability all rolled into one.
Team No Poverty

PL Technology

PL Technology: an innovative solution to protect rice farms from the ravages of flooding. By combining soil water detection devices with advanced pipe layout technology, we can detect and divert excess water, safeguarding crops and livelihoods. During the rainy season, our sensors monitor soil moisture levels, ensuring optimal conditions for rice cultivation. When excess water threatens, our pipe layout system swiftly redirects it away from the fields, preventing damage and loss.
Team Industry, Innovation


Forestsecur is not just another tech gadget. TEAM Responsible Consumption and ProductionIt's an approach to combat illegal logging in protected areas of Southwest Nigeria. This solution harnesses the power of geospatial imaging, specifically symantec segmentation, coupled with a community monitoring app. This innovative combination allows us to pinpoint illegal logging activities with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.
Team Responsible Consumpt
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