The TETFund Alliance for Innovative Research (TETFAIR) commenced on the 5th of December 2022, at Innov8 Hub. TETFAIR is a year-long initiative of TETFund, in collaboration with Innov8 Hub. It is a programme created for academics and researchers from Government-owned Universities across Nigeria with innovative ideas.

After a rigorous process conducted by international experts, participants were selected with the goal of translating research into solutions, in accordance with global best practices.

TETFAIR began with an introduction detailing the overview of the programme’s core objectives, led by Neta Hanien and Uri Mestechkin. The participants were briefed on the scheme of things and introduced to the act of pitching, aided by the display of a sample video for a successful pitch. They were also urged to be accurate with facts and statistics in the process of drafting their pitches.

The Heads of the Department at Innov8 Hub and their respective units were introduced to the participants, who were subsequently assigned to work with different teams for the duration of the programme.

Participants went through courses on ‘Venture Creation within the Nigerian context’, ‘The Problem and Where do Good Ideas come from’, and concluded the day working with their respective teams.

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