Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

The idea that brought me to TETFAIR can be traced back to my studio, just before my appointment as a lecturer at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. In Nigeria’s textile industry, small and medium-sized textile cottage enterprises are plagued by the absence of fast-paced and effective drying and curing methods,
leading to inefficient production, inconsistent quality, and inflated cost. In my quest to develop a solution to this challenge, I needed a platform where my idea could be transformed into a tangible solution and subsequently into a viable enterprise. Two years later, I was informed of a Call for Application to TETFAIR. I applied with my Team and my idea. Fortunately, my Team was selected to participate in TETFAIR with the objective of developing a speedy, enhanced, and cost-effective textile drying bed.

During the Market Validation phase of TETFAIR, we engaged potential buyers and users through in-person interactions, generating valuable financial insights. Progressing to the second bootcamp, our innovation evolved into a field-tested prototype, demonstrating an impressive 60% efficiency enhancement compared to conventional drying methods.

Today, we stand proud to unveil a textile printing dryer that not only expedites drying time but also catalyses ink adhesion, propelling mass production. The development of this Textile Dryer would not have been possible without the TETFAIR initiative and its enriching content. Through the guidance of mentors and experts at TETFAIR, we have been able to transform a fledgling idea into an innovative solution, and we are optimistic about establishing a successful venture from it.

My heartfelt gratitude to TETFund and Innov8 Hub for this initiative that has sparked a paradigm shift in my academic career and has instilled in me the drive to continuously integrate innovation into my future research endeavours.

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