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Innov8 Hub Welcomes UNESCO Delegation: A Spark for Educational Transformation in Africa!


Innov8 Hub Welcomes UNESCO: On April 19th, 2024, Innov8 Hub played host to a distinguished delegation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Led by Mr. Abdourahmane Diallo, Head of Office and UNESCO Representative in Nigeria, the delegation included esteemed individuals from various educational organizations and parastatals across continents. Their visit marked a pivotal moment for Innov8 Hub, aligning with the third phase of UNESCO’s transformative Better Education for Africa (BEAR) program.

A Journey Through Innovation: Unveiling the Heart of Innov8 Hub

The delegation embarked on a comprehensive tour of the Hub. This immersed them in the electrifying atmosphere where skill development, innovation, and education seamlessly converge. Each workstation buzzed with activity, showcasing the Hub’s dedication to nurturing a culture of creativity and progress.

  • Innov8 Hub Welcomes UNESCO

Taking Center Stage: Unveiling Innov8 Hub’s Impact

Following the tour, the Innov8 Hub team presented a captivating presentation of the Hub’s remarkable milestones, growth, and the diverse range of activities that fuel its success. This presentation served as a springboard for an engaging Q&A session. The delegates’ insightful questions ignited a dynamic dialogue, allowing the Innov8 Hub management team to delve deeper into the Hub’s collaborative potential with organizations like UNESCO.

Innov8 Hub Welcomes UNESCO: Fostering Partnerships for a Brighter Future

This impactful interaction revealed a wealth of opportunities for collaboration. At Innov8 Hub, we remain steadfast in our commitment to partnering with esteemed organizations like UNESCO. Our goal is to propel both formal and informal education across Africa, a cornerstone for the continent’s sustainable development. The UNESCO visit serves as a potent reminder of our shared capacity to set Africa’s formal and vocational education on a trajectory of excellence.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Education

Innov8 Hub extends an open invitation to all who share our vision for an Africa empowered by transformative education. Together, through collaborative efforts, we can unlock the immense potential of our continent

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