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Innov8 Hub: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in Innovation

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Alan Kay


Innov8 Veritas Blooming Heritage: At Innov8 Hub, we take this quote to heart. We believe in empowering the next generation of leaders to build a sustainable future. Recently, we hosted two inspiring groups of students, igniting their passion for innovation and equipping them with the tools to turn their ideas into reality.

Veritas University: Unveiling the World of Engineering

On May 2nd, 30 eager engineering students from Veritas University embarked on an immersive visit to Innov8 Hub. Our vibrant impact lab, brimming with cutting-edge equipment and expert mentors, opened their eyes to a world of possibilities. Following a comprehensive tour, the students participated in an interactive session. They delved into the fascinating world of Arduino, explored the intricacies of embedded systems, and got hands-on with C++ programming. An insightful Q&A session with our technical team capped off the day, leaving the students buzzing with newfound knowledge and a spark of inspiration.

Blooming Heritage Secondary School: Igniting Young Minds

On May 3rd, we welcomed 23 enthusiastic students from Blooming Heritage Secondary School, the future innovators and venture creators of Nigeria. With wide eyes and boundless curiosity, they explored Innov8 Hub, the epicenter of innovation, startup incubation, and venture creation. Their excitement was palpable as they interacted with our experts and traversed the hub’s innovative spaces. The highlight was a captivating drone show put on by our Simulation Lab, leaving them awestruck. The day culminated in a dynamic Q&A session with our experts, where the students eagerly picked their brains and envisioned their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Innov8 Veritas Blooming Heritage: Join Us in Shaping the Future

At Innov8 Hub, our commitment goes beyond inspiring the next generation. We actively foster the Nigerian innovation ecosystem, nurturing startups and propelling venture creation. Partner with us today, and together, let’s create a lasting impact on our society.

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