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Partnerships & Collaboration: Acting US Ambassador to Nigeria Visits Innov8 Hub


As part of the mandate of establishing an ecosystem of innovation, start-up incubation and venture creation through partnerships & collaboration, Innov8 Hub extended a cordial welcome to David Greene, the Acting Ambassador of the United States of America to Nigeria, and his team, as they paid a courtesy visit.

Neta Hanien, Head of Programs & Partnerships at Innov8 Hub, gave an overview of the Hub’s mission. She also unveiled the Hub’s programs, milestones, and initiatives. Both teams, fueled by a shared vision for progress and sustainable development, explored potential collaborations. These partnerships & collaboration can foster innovation, venture creation & entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Beyond the Boardroom: Unveiling the Powerhouse of Innovation

Stepping beyond the conference room, Ambassador Greene and his team embarked on a comprehensive tour of the Hub. They were guided through the facilities at the Hub. They also where they witnessed first-hand, the transformative power of innovation and sustainable practices.

A Spark Across Borders: Igniting a Future of Collaboration

Ambassador Greene’s visit wasn’t just a courtesy call; it was an impactful moment that displayed the immense potential that lies in cross-border collaboration. It was a testament to the fact that when different corners of the world come together, the possibilities are truly boundless. Innov8 Hub is eager to share its journey with the world and weave collaborative threads that extend far beyond its walls.

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