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Transforming Ideas into Innovation: The R4i Initiative


The Research for Impact (R4i) Initiative is at the forefront of fostering synergy among the Government, Academia, and Industry. This groundbreaking initiative is a collaboration between TETFund and Innov8 Hub. R4i is consistently catalyzing the transformation of academic ideas in Nigeria into innovative solutions that align with global best practices.

R4i 11 Closing Event Recap:

On September 29, 2023, the curtains fell on R4i 11, marking the culmination of yet another successful edition. The event attracted a diverse audience of experts, academic stalwarts, and other dignitaries. The Chief Facilitator of R4i delivered an inspiring speech, urging participants to replicate the benefits of R4i. The event’s highlight was the presentation of pitch videos by each team.

Recap of R4i 11

R4i 11 Prototypes:

  • Team Zero Hunger unveiled the Multi-Grain Planter, an innovative device capable of precisely planting grains into the soil, significantly reducing labor-intensive efforts.
  • Team Good HEALTH & Well-Being introduced MSKEL-OIL, derived from aromatic plants rich in complex secondary metabolites, offering relief to patients with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Team QUALITY EDUCATION showcased SUPERBOT-1, a virtual supervisor providing real-time project feedback to students.
  • Team AFFORDABLE & CLEAN ENERGY developed SWIFCLEAN, a solar-panel cleaning device engineered to eliminate stubborn residue from solar panels.
  • Team DECENT WORK & ECONOMIC GROWTH unveiled Butcher Hub, an e-commerce application streamlining meat and seafood purchases.

Innov8 Hub director, His Excellency, Mr. Edward Singhatey, delivered the closing remark of R4i 11 and encouraged participants to perpetuate the spirit of innovation within their respective institutions.

R4i 12: Opening Event:

The 12th installment of the Research for Impact Initiative commenced with an opening event hosted at Innov8 Hub. This batch comprises 24 lecturers and technologists from government-owned universities and polytechnics nationwide. His Excellency, Mr. Edward Singhatey, opened the event by extending a warm welcome to the participants. He went further to provide an insightful overview of Innov8 Hub and the R4i Initiative. Engr. Betty Ugona, an R4i Facilitator, then delved into the human aspect of innovation. She emphasizing the Triple H Model, which encompasses the Head, the Heart, and the Hands. A team of experts from Innov8 Hub, who will be working closely with the teams were introduced. Afterwards, the participants introduced themselves, their respective institutions, and their areas of expertise.

R4i 12: Conclusion:

At R4i 12, facilitators will organize participants into teams, and each team will have the task of addressing societal challenges derived from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.They will embark on a 10-day journey of accelerated innovation, aiming to transform their ideas into functional prototypes capable of addressing real-world issues and potentially leading to commercialization. The collaboration between TETFund and Innov8 Hub is currently transforming Nigerian Academia’s publications into tangible innovations and ventures that are ready to make a significant contribution to national development.

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