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TETFAIR 4 & R4i 24 Commence at Innov8 Hub


The 4th edition of the TETFund Alliance for Innovative Research (TETFAIR) and the 24th cohort of the Research for Impact (R4i 24) initiative kickstarted today at Innov8 Hub, marking a significant milestone. TETFund spearheads the dynamic initiatives of TETFAIR and R4i in collaboration with Innov8 Hub. These initiatives aim to catalyze innovation and impactful research across Nigeria.

A cross-section of participants

The event unfolded with great fervor as both programs were launched simultaneously for the first time. Beginning with the resonating notes of the Nigerian national anthem, participants were immersed in the spirit of unity and progress. A comprehensive overview of the programs set the stage for what promises to be a transformative journey for participants.

From R4i to TETFAIR: A Testimony
Dr. Taibat Ibrahim

Dr. Taibat Ibrahim, an esteemed R4i Fellow, shared an inspiring testimonial, highlighting the profound achievements made by her team through the Research for Impact initiative; as well as their transition from R4i into TETFAIR. In the same vein, TETFAIR fellow, Dr Adeyemo Adebola gave a testimony of the remarkable milestones his team have been able to achieve through the TETFAIR program, as well as the Team’s entry into TETFAIR 4.

Dr. Adebolajo Adeyemo

The audience found themselves captivated by a cinematic showcase, meticulously crafted to revisit the inaugural edition of TETFAIR. This recap showcased the journey of innovation and growth. The selected participants of TETFAIR and the nominees of the Research for Impact initiative stand ready to embark on a life-changing experience, prepared to redefine academia and pioneer solutions to pressing challenges. This collaborative endeavor not only nurtures groundbreaking research but also paves the way for the creation of ventures and enterprises that drive socio-economic development.

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