TETFAIR: Executive Secretary of TETFund Inspects Ongoing Projects at Innov8 Hub

The Executive Secretary of TETFund, Architect Sonny Echono, led a delegation of TETFund officials to Innov8 Hub. The purpose of the tour was to inspect projects being developed at the ongoing TETFAIR Prototype Development Bootcamp.

Images from TETFund’s tour of TETFAIR Prototype Development

TETFAIR Prototype Development Bootcamp tour

During the tour, the Executive Secretary was impressed by the level of innovation and creativity displayed by the participants. He expressed satisfaction over the progress made so far and pledged TETFund’s continuous support for such initiatives.

The Executive Secretary of TETFund speaking

In his words: “This is an opportunity we have to make a difference in the lives of our people and to transform our country from potential to reality in terms of what we can do about the economy; how we can grow it and how we can share the benefits.”

The Prototype Development Bootcamp is a phase of TETFAIR; an initiative aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria’s tertiary education sector. Read more on TETFAIR: https://innov8hub.ng/tetfair/

The Impression

Participants also had their say, as they waxed lyrical about TETFund and Innov8 Hub. They expressed their appreciation over the platform given for them to translate their ideas into innovation, solution and enterprise. Participants also testified that prior to TETFAIR, their research ended up being published in academic papers. However, TETFAIR has helped them translate these ideas into pragmatic and functional solutions.

The Bootcamp is an intensive 2-week program that provides participants with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to develop their ideas into working prototypes.

The prototypes developed would be taken for testing in respective locations before further modifications and refinements are made.

The tour of TETFund officials is a clear indication of their commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in in Nigeria. TETFAIR is a great opportunity for academics and researchers to showcase their innovative ideas and receive support from TETFund to bring their ideas to life.

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  1. This is quite commendable and is an indication that Nigerians are highly intelligent and hard working when given opportunity to experience their natural talents.

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