TETFAIR STORIES SO FAR: A Hearing Aid and a Zobo-Making Machine


TETFAIR STORIES SO FAR: As the third TETFAIR Bootcamp takes flight, the collaborative efforts of TETFund and Innov8 Hub continue to illuminate a path for addressing societal challenges through innovative solutions, forging ahead towards the creation of successful ventures.

Unfolding within the vibrant atmosphere of the third TETFAIR Bootcamp, participants have converged to elevate their prototypes to new heights under the guidance of Innov8 Hub’s experts. Herein lie the captivating stories of teams that have embarked on this transformative journey at TETFAIR.

Resonating Innovation: The Odyssey of TEAM 12’s Hearing Aid

Emerging from an unwavering commitment to alleviate the struggles of the hearing-impaired, an affliction that affects over 10.6 million Nigerians, TEAM 12 is diligently developing a groundbreaking innovation – the Hearing Aid. The team, composed of academics from the University of Ibadan, including Dr. Adebolajo Adeyemo, Associate Prof. Bolanle Oladejo, and Dr. Oluwasola Adeniji, intertwines expertise spanning Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgery, intelligent systems, and Artificial Intelligence, to pave the way for a life-transforming solution.

Above: TEAM 12 working on the Hearing Aid. Below: A sample of the prototype

Venturing into the market validation phase at TETFAIR, TEAM 12 sought the valuable insights of potential customers, scrutinizing the device’s performance and cost dynamics. Amidst this process, a resounding 66.7% of respondents underscored the paramount importance of performance over cost considerations. With global attention already lurking, the Premium Hearing Device stands poised to transcend borders, with capacity of impacting not only Nigeria but also extending its reach beyond.

While developing this prototype, TEAM 12 navigated the intricate challenges, grappling with the acquisition of a critical circuit board and the precise synchronization of audio frequencies. Yet, with unwavering resolve, these hurdles are gradually metamorphosing into stepping stones, thanks to their tenacity and guidance from adept mentors and experts. At the third TETFAIR Bootcamp, TEAM 12’s horizon is illuminated by the prospect of a functional prototype ready for crucial real-world trials within clinical settings.

ZoBox: Crafting Culinary Evolution with TEAM 9

In the kaleidoscope of Nigeria’s food processing landscape, where innovation intertwines with affordability, TEAM 9 from TETFAIR is shaping the narrative with their prototype – ZoBox, an ingenious automated Zobo-Making Machine. Hailing from the intellectual bastion of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the team, comprising the erudite minds of Dr. Nneoma Aneke, Prof. Wilfred Okonkwo, Anthony Aneke MBA, and Dr. Achuka Nwoke, bridges the domains of Food Processing, statistical and financial analysis, propelling the Zobo industry into a realm of innovation and commercial success.

TEAM 9 with the ZoBox

According to a survey conducted by TEAM 9, over 80% of respondents confirmed their affinity for Zobo drink, lauding its health benefits and refreshing allure. However, beneath this enthusiasm, there are also concerns on hygeine. In response, ZoBox was conceived – an avant-garde prototype that not only guarantees hygiene but also promises refreshment. TETFAIR’s market validation phase resoundingly ratified the necessity of this innovation, steering clear of traditional production methods and embracing hygiene, safety, and environmental friendliness.

Embarking on the journey of prototype development, TEAM 9 developed ZoBox, subjecting it to a battery of tests and assessments, drawing upon a tapestry of constructive feedback. Despite grappling with challenges surrounding component design and material selection, the team remains buoyed by their faith in expert guidance and mentorship, poised to conquer these obstacles.

As the curtains rise on the third TETFAIR Bootcamp, TEAM 9 envisions a triumphant climax – a fully realized, operational ZoBox, standing at the vanguard of innovation, poised to redefine the landscape of Zobo production.


Join us in this riveting saga of innovation, perseverance, and transformation at TETFAIR – where ideas crystallize into reality and pioneers leave an indelible mark on progress.

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