Digital Economy and Job Creation

Innov8 Hub Welcomes UNESCO Delegation: A Spark for Educational Transformation in Africa!

Innov8 Hub played host to a distinguished delegation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Led by Mr. Abdourahmane Diallo, Head of Office and UNESCO Representative in Nigeria, the delegation included esteemed individuals from various educational organizations and parastatals across continents. Their visit marked a pivotal moment for Innov8 Hub, aligning with the third phase of UNESCO’s transformative Better Education for Africa (BEAR) program.

Digital Economy and Job Creation

Digital Economy and Job Creation: Innov8 Hub Welcomes NIPSS 

The visit commenced with a warm welcome from Innov8 Hub’s management, setting the tempo. Prof. Ayo Omotayo, Director General of NIPSS, then captivated the audience with his opening remarks. A proclaimed tech enthusiast who returned to Nigeria in 2004, Prof. Omotayo expressed his profound admiration for Innov8 Hub’s unique and inspiring space. He declared, “Since my return, I haven’t witnessed anything quite like Innov8 Hub in Nigeria.” This sentiment resonated deeply, highlighting the transformative potential of innovation hubs in shaping the nation’s future.

Osun Governor Innov8 Hub

Osun State Governor Visits Innov8 Hub, Highlighting Importance of Collaboration

Innov8 Hub is a strong advocate for partnerships with stakeholders, investors, and institutions that share their vision of building a better future for Nigeria and beyond. This vision focuses on empowering Nigerians through capacity-building programs and initiatives. Governor Adeleke’s visit signifies a significant step towards achieving this vision through collaborative efforts.

Inspire inclusion

Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress

In honor of International Women’s Day, Innov8 Hub recently hosted a special event dedicated to celebrating the achievements of entrepreneurs worldwide. Centered on the theme of entrepreneurial leadership, the gathering aimed to inspire innovation and empowerment within diverse communities.

My R4i Experience: NASIRU SULEIMAN

Receiving a pristine transformative knowledge through the Research for Impact initiative has created a renewed hope and aspiration that all the efforts in teaching and practical engagements in my discipline have not disappeared into forlorn hope. This programme has depicted from the title, limited vicissitude of time done justice in transforming my mindset for an aesthetic stride in commanding the inherent commercial values inbuilt in me, towards promotion of individual and humanity’s socio-economic status.

My R4i Experience: ENGR. NURA HASSAN

Through the R4i initiative, I was able to reorient my faculty of thinking towards research in Nigeria, from research for strictly publications to commercialized research. The facilitators inspired, encouraged, and educated me on how to add value to my research. Consequently, adding value to research means adding value to yourself and the nation. I found myself engulfed in an ocean of opportunities, pushed to be in love with the problems and not the solutions, with an open mind, as problems may have multifaceted approaches toward their solutions.

My R4i Experience: PAUL MADINA

My journey at the Research for Impact initiative has been a transformative experience, one that has not only broadened my understanding, but has also enriched my perspective on the importance of research in creating tangible impact in our society. From the onset, R4i provided a comprehensive overview of the research landscape, emphasizing the critical role that impactful research plays in addressing real-world challenges.

My R4i Experience: GODWIN A. THOMAS

Participating in this immersive program not only deepened my understanding but also ignited a sense of optimism for Nigeria’s future. Despite our diverse backgrounds, participants were bound by a shared commitment to learning and growth. One of the most memorable aspects was the sense of community fostered during the workshop. While I was initially skeptical, I soon found myself transformed into an agent of change, armed with the tools and mindset to tackle Nigeria’s pressing challenges.


The knowledge gained, skills acquired, and relationships forged through the R4i initiative has helped me to understand that my research and development should not end up in publishing papers that get piled up in my shelves without value addition to society, venture creation, sustainability, patenting and generating income. The power to change Nigeria’s future lies within us. I will always cherish the moments spent at Innov8 Hub, the bond shared by all the participants, the facilitators and staff members for their hospitality, technical skills and expertise, love, care, time management skills and photo sessions.

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